Veterinary Epidemiology
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Epidemiology is taught to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. At the undergraduate level, the course is taught to Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) students in their third year study. The concept of looking at diseases in a holistic manner is emphasized during these formative stages and the core areas covered include basic definitions in epidemiology and its uses and approaches, disease measures, patterns of disease occurrence, etiology of disease, modes and routes of disease transmission, strategies of disease maintenance in populations, outbreak investigations, disease control/prevention/eradication strategies, important factors to consider when planning disease control/prevention, and animal health schemes. At the postgraduate level, two units are offered. The first unit is mostly introductory epidemiology taught to students across all the departments in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine while the second unit is mostly on quantitative methods in epidemiology. Core areas covered in the first unit include the basic principles of epidemiology, disease measures, disease causation and simple associations, sampling methods, concepts of confounding/interaction, screening and diagnostic tests, and types of veterinary studies. In the second unit, the core areas include biases in observational studies, identifying and quantifying disease risk factors, determinants of diseases, causal models, confounding/interaction/effect modification, model building strategies, repeat measures, survival analysis.

Veterinary Epidemiology Head  

Prof. Philip M. Kitala 

BVM, MSc, PhD (University of Nairobi)

Prof. Kitala has specialized in  epidemiology and control of infectious diseases with special interest in zoonoses particularly rabies. View Prof. Kitala's profile

Teaching/Technical Staff



Dr. S. M. Macharia

BVM, MSc, Health Economics and Entrepreneurship (UoN)

Dr. Macharia is a trained Veterinary Surgeon at Nairobi, University, with a BVM Degree and a Masters Degree in Public Health-(Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Health Economics and  Entrepreneurship). He is currently a lecturer at both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels and a researcher in those disciplines for the last 18 years. Membership in Professional Societies: Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA). Detailed Tasks Assigned:  Epidemiological, Statistical and Socio-Economic Data Analysis. View Dr. Macharia's profile

Dr. F. M. Nderu

 BVM (UoN) MSc (California University, U.S.A.)

Dr. Nderu has experience in the area of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology. View Dr. Nderu's profile

Dr. Joshua Orungo

BVM, MVEE (UoN), PhD ongoing at University of London

Dr. Onono's areas of specialization include Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics. View Dr. Onono's profile

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