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Pharmacology concerned with the study of drugs, used for treatment of animals and humans. It involves the application of drugs to various animal species and their reactions following such application. Pharmacology looks at the molecular structure of drugs, how the drugs work, safe drug dosages, side effects associated with drugs, the discovery of new drugs, new applications for existing medications, drug treatment protocols, and a variety of related topics. Staff in this thematic area participate in training of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. At undergraduate level, they teach pharmacology to Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, BSc. Wildlife and BSc Biomedical Technology students. At postgraduate level, pharmacology is taught to students undertaking Master of Science and PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology. The course is designed for Veterinary, Medical and other graduates involved in the protection and improvement of animals and human health and environment. The post-graduate program is intended to train graduates to conduct research, teach in academic institutions and also undertake other related duties in government service and private sector. Graduates are exposed to a broad study of drugs, analytical techniques, as well as recent advances in pharmacology.

Pharmacology Head

Prof. T. E. Maitho

BVM, MSc (UoN), PhD (University of London)

Prof. Maitho has wide experience in Veterinary profession, Consultancy, University research, training and administration and community service. Prof. Maitho has conducted important research in clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, evaluation of herbal medicines, phenylbutazone, phenytoin, pesticide residues in food and environment, Fluoride, Pyrethrins, aflatoxins, paraquat and toxicological evaluation of food. View Prof. Maitho's profile
Teaching and Technical Staff


Prof. S.E.O. Mitema

BVM, MSc (UoN),  PhD (Kansas State University USA

Prof. Mitema's research interests includes antimicrobial use data surveillance in food animals and human (WHO funding, completed); Phenotype and genetic characterisation of antimicrobial resistance among zoonotic
bacteria in Kenya (WHO funding, on going project); Microbial and chemical risk analysis in food.  View Prof. Mitema's profile

Prof. James M. Mbaria

BVM, MSC., PhD (University of Nairobi)

Prof. Mbaria's research interest is pharmacology and toxicology of traditionally used medicinal plants, environmental toxicology and regulatory pharmacology and toxicology. Currently I am a collaborator in many
ongoing multi-institutional and multidisciplinary research projects. View Prof. Mbaria's profile

Dr. Isaac Mapenay


(University of Nairobi)

Dr. Mapenay’s research interests include: Agar diffusion and broth dilution (MIC) microbiological assay for antibiotics; Experimental infection models & Drug trial protocols (Efficacy, potency, clinical drug trials and safety/ toxicity; Pharmaco-epidemiology of trypanocidal and antimicrobial resistance in Kenya; Pharmocokinetic drug modelling techniques; Application and troubleshooting of scientific instruments: High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC); Gas chromatography (GC), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS); Inductive coupled plasma (ICP); Infra Red spectroscopy (IS); Electron Microscopy (EM); Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR); Molecular biology techniques: DNA Plamid isolation and Profiling and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-DNA fingerprinting; Antimicrobial assay levels in animal tissues using HPLC analysis; Toxicity testing using laboratory animal models; Acute (LD 50), Skin sensitivity, eye irritation, allergenicity tests. View Dr. Mapenay's profile

Dr. J. M. Kahunyo

BVM, MSc (University of Nairobi)

Dr. Kahunyo has interests in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Pesticides and, mycotoxins. He has been widely involved in community service, especially as a Board member in CHUNA SACCO, a welfare organization mainly for U.O.N staff in which he has represented Kabete Campus from 1996 to-date and during this tenure he has served as the organization’s Chairman for eleven (11) years (1996- 2005; 2009- 2011). He was elected to the Group Board of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya in 2005 and continues to serve on the said Board. View Dr. Kahunyo's profile


Dr. G. O. Aboge

BVM, MSc (UoN) Ph.D. from Gifu University)

Dr. Aboge's work involved identification and validation of molecular drug targets of antifolate and 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate (DOXP) based drugs, as well as inhibitors of M17Leucine aminopeptidase and inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase enzymes of Babesia in comparison with Plasmodium species. View Dr. Aboge's profile

Dr. M. Oguna

BVM, MSc. (University of Nairobi)

Dr. Oguna is currently working on doctorate degree in the field of anthelmintic resistance in sheep. Have great passion for advocacy for mental health being a mental health consumer. Have won several awards for this including nominations for Woman of the Year (2003) and American Medal of Honour (2003). 

View Dr. Oguna's profile


Mr. Joseph Nderitu

Diploma (Technical University of Kenya)

Mr. Nderitu has vast experience in gas and liquid chromatography. View Nderitu's profile

Mr. Kenneth Maloba

Diploma, HND (Technical University of Kenya)

Mr. Maloba is experienced in pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and toxicology. View Maloba's profile

MS Grace A. Pacho

Cert. in MLT (Technical University of Kenya)

Pacho's work includes assisting under and post graduate students in their practical’s and maintenance of cleanliness in both the laboratory and the apparatus. Pacho is also in-charge of the stationary store. View Pacho's profile