Student Projects in Public Health Pharmacology & Tox.

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2007/2008 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Study Of Factors Associated With Potential Human Exposure To Pesticides And Levels Of Lead, Copper And Organochlorine Residues In Fish And Soil Sediments In Kirinyaga South District Gathumbi J.k 2007/2008 View Details
Ethnobotanical And Toxicological Study Of Plants Used In Traditional Medicine And As Biopesticide In Meru, Kenya Stanley Mwebia Itonga 2007/2008 View Details
Quantitative Assessment Of Sulfadimidine Residues In Eggs Sold In Nairobi, Kenya Allan Azegele 2007/2008 View Details
Assessing Trade-offs Between Pastoral Economy And Wildlife Conservation In The Ewaso Nyiro Basin, Northern Kenya: A Case Study Of Naibung’a And Namunyak Community Conservancies Joseph O.j. Seneiya 2007/2008 View Details
An Assessment Of The Impact Of Climate Change On Livestock Diseases In Kajiado District, Kenya Bernard Moenga 2007/2008 View Details
Cerebrospinal Fluid Responses In The Monkey Model As A Means Of Predicting Late Stage Human African Trypanosomiasis Fredrick Chimoli Maloba 2007/2008 View Details