Ethics, Integrity, Policymaking

Abstract ‘One Health’ is the concept that human health and well-being are linked to the health of animals and the environment. The goals of One Health include addressing potential or existing global and transnational health risks, which require policies that are systematic, coordinated, collaborative, multidisciplinary and crosssectoral. One Health is particularly well-suited for zoonotic diseases and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (EIDs). Epidemics, emergencies and disasters raise many ethical issues for all involved, including communities, responders, public health specialists and policymakers. Our case study describes ethical dilemmas encountered during an animal disease outbreak investigation in the Somali region of Ethiopia during the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic with concurrent drought and human conflicts. Outbreak investigations were conducted through systematic collection, analysis and evaluation of pertinent data, and results disseminated to relevant stakeholders. Our observations highlighted the importance


Dr. Joseph M. Nguta


Book Pages 155 - Pages 168