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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - 11:54

The Department of Public Health Pharmacology & Toxicology recently organised a tree planting exercise at the Veterinary Farm (Kanyariri) where over 1000 indigenous/native and exotic trees were planted. The trees were donated by Prof. Kimenju. 

Monday, May 6, 2024 - 22:31

The goal of this programme is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop ethics decision-making skills in the ethical challenges that occur in One Health research and research during emergencies. It will give learners an opportunity to develop

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Monday, May 6, 2024 - 21:30

The goal of this programme is to provide learners or participants with the opportunity to appreciate the relevance of ethics throughout all phases of research involving humans, animals or the environment, to develop skills in formulation of ethical guidelines

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Friday, March 1, 2024 - 08:47

Semester two dates for the Academic Year 2023/2024 are as follows:

Teaching period: 4th March 2024

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Friday, March 1, 2024 - 07:03


MOHERE students privileged to visit different places during the academic trip held between 19th- 24th February 2024 at the Coastal Region of Kenya . Some of the

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 13:29

Department of Public Health, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi and University of Helsinki, Finland  staff members  held a meeting to discuss enhanced collaboration between the two universities. The team from Finland visited the PHPT department to

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Monday, January 8, 2024 - 11:40

About one million people living in and around Nairobi are at risk of contracting a parasite from unprocessed pork slaughtered in Kiambu County.

This is according to a study conducted by scientists from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in collaboration

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