Key Speaker

Doris Schroeder, PhD, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Director, Centre for Professional Ethics, Preston,UK, and Professor in the School of Law at the University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus. Professor Schroeder has been collaborating with the University of Nairobi since 2006, in particular on the topics of benefit sharing and ‘ethics dumping’. She is the lead author of The Trust Code: A Global Code of Conduct for Equitable Research Partnerships, which was co-drafted – amongst others – with Nairobi colleagues, including sex workers. The code is currently being used in almost 50 countries and has been adopted as a mandatory reference document for European Union Framework programs (the largest European research funder). The ethics dumping case studies book of which she is the Editor-in-Chief has been downloaded 142,000 times since its release in 2018. Together with Dr.Kate Chatfield, Doris is also the author of the Oxford University Press Epigeum online courses on research ethics, ‘Becoming an Ethical Researcher’ and ‘Research Ethics in Practice.’