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Microwave Machine

Microwave oven in the laboratory is used to heat media, agarose and any other reagent that need heating to dissolve. Microwave is convenient and generally safe when used correctly. Microwave ovens the reagents using microwaves, a form of electromagnetic radiation similar to radio waves.


Quantitative Real Time PCR Machine

Quantitative Reat Time PCR (qRT-PCR) is a polymerase chain reaction technique used to amplify specific sections of DNA with real time monitoring of the amplification of target DNA. This molecular technique gives rapid results which is essential in diagnosis as well as it quantitates the number of copies of the starting material in a given sample. 


The microplate washer is a device specially used for cleaning the microplate, and it is generally used in conjunction with the ELISA Microplate Reader. It is mainly used to clean residues after the detection of the ELISA microplate, thereby reducing the error caused by residues in the subsequent detection process. It has been widely used in the cleaning of enzyme-labeled plates in hospitals and research laboratories.


Fume chamber are used widely in laboratories and are designed to capture and remove air-borne hazardous substances generated during laboratory experiments (e.g. gases, vapours, aerosols and particulates/dust). The fume chamber is used to: protect the user from inhaling toxic gases, protect the product or experiment and protect the environment.


The purpose of a water bath shaker is to steadily shake and mix samples while maintaining a constant temperature. They are used for application such as culturing cells, hybridization, and molecular biology assays.


The Department of PHPT acquired the Water Purifier to ensure that there is always provision  of Type A water (deionized and microorganism free) in the Reserach and Consultancy Laboratories. With the various analysis that are carried out in the Department including, drug and immune-serology processes, there is need to provide a reliable Source of Ultrapure Water. 


The ELISA reader is a specialized spectrophotometer—an apparatus for measuring the intensity of light throughout a part of the spectrum—that lets scientists measure the reactions of antigens and antibodies in a solution through enzyme activity

This is an instrument that is commonly used in the Department for Teaching, Reserach and consultancy work for diagnosis and screening of pathogens of public health concern. 


The Department of PHPT is accredited by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and is involved in the analysis of drugs for veterinary use. The Department acquired ElectroLab Dissolution tester Machine to help in drug analysis. Dissolution is the process in which a substance forms a solution. Dissolution testing measures the extent and rate of solution formation from a dosage form, such as tablet, capsule, ointment, etc. The dissolution of a drug is important for its bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness.