Pharmacology and Toxicology

  The common Regulations for the Masters' Degrees in all Faculties shall be applicable.

ii)  The regulations for the Degree of Master of Science in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine shall be  applicable.

iii)  Holders of the following degrees of University of Nairobi or any other university recognized by University of Nairobi Senate

     a)  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

     b)  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

     c)  Bachelor of Pharmacy

     d)  Bachelor of Dental Surgery

     e)  Bachelor of Nursing

iv) Holders of the following degrees of at least upper second class honours of the University of Nairobi or equivalent qualifications from a University recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.

     a)  BSc. in Biomedical Technology

     b)  BSc in Biochemistry

     The applicants should have taken Pharmacology and Toxicology course at undergraduate level.

v)  Holders of lower second class honours degree in areas specified above in iv (a) and (b) with at least 2  years research/work experience

vi) Holders of equivalent Bachelor's degrees from other Universities recognized by University of Nairobi Senate.


Livestock Economics covers principles of Livestock Economics, Microeconomics, Production Economics, Market Structures and Livestock policy; project planning monitoring and evaluation of livestock projects; Business Management of Livestock and Veterinary enterprises. Staff are involved in teaching both undergraduate and post-graduate students, research and consultancy in the same areas.