Our Mission


To be a universal centre of excellence in training, research, outreach and consultancy services in Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Epidemiology, Livestock economics, Natural Products Research, Pharmacology and Toxicology for sustainable and secure livelihoods.


Our mission is to provide a student-centred higher education experience through innovative approaches in teaching, research and community outreach in Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Natural Products and Bioprospecting, and Leather Science.

Our strategic focus

  1. Curiosity driven and action oriented research
  2. Creating local solutions to mitigate global challenges
  3. Partnering to enable healthy and prosperous communities
  4. Education that empowers and inspires our students

Our strategic objectives

  1. Embracing complexities in innovative research and extension services
  2. Exploring and sharing knowledge with the local and global community to influence policy and governance
  3. Unleashing potential of our people for efficiency and productivity
  4. Transforming learning and widening access to meet the changing needs of our students

What we want done

  1. Research, innovations and extension services
  2. Create a learning experience that inspires a lifelong journey of growth and development for the ever changing needs of our students and community
  3. Build a local and global partnerships and collaborations that expands our shared knowledge for local impact at a global scale
  4. Engage through community outreach activities, advocacy in support for development activities in the local places to foster a sense of belonging

Our enablers for strategic change

  • Culture that promotes ambition, collective purpose, courage and the continued improvement of all that we do.
  • Organisational design that ensures smooth and effective day-to-day operations and empowers us to meet the challenges that arise.
  • Innovative and welcoming environments and spaces complement each other to support and benefit our community both in person and online.
  • Diversified earnings from income generating activities which ensures a strong financial performance, and attention to use of resources to ensure we meet our ambitions.


Our core values

  1. Accountability and Transparency

Transparency: Power and resources must be used with integrity and responsibility.  Our own accountability to communities and other stakeholders in Kenya and internationally is key to success of our work.

  1. Inclusivity and Collaboration

We develop partnership and employ multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approaches to provide sustainable solutions for local problems at a global scale.

  1. Resilience

Commitment to the provision of solutions that meet the highest scientific standards and are translated into prosperity for communities, thus sustaining social and environmental justice.

  1. Environmental sustainability

We are committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs through innovative solutions that fosters sustainable environmental conservation

  1. Global awareness

We embrace linkages and partnerships that supports sharing of knowledge and skills of the interrelated local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems.

  1. Freedom of enquiry and expression

We uphold the right of faculty as citizens to express innovative ideas, and opinions, either privately and publicly and to support positions that they hold as truth, provided they don’t infringe on rights of other people.