A joint Meeting for partnership between Food and Agriculture Organisation and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-University of Nairobi.

The Dean Facullty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM), University of Nairobi, Chairman PHPT and other faculty staff members had a joint meeting with Prof Folorunso Fasina Country Team Leader Food and Agriculture Organisation-Kenya, Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseasesa (ECTAD-FAO) and his team from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO-Kenya) on Wednesday 18th January 2023. The team jointly discussed and focused on partnership and institutionalisation of the frontline In-Service Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Programme (ISAVET) at the University of Nairobi in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine. FAO was looking for a sustainable partnerships to scale up the training of more frontline animal health workers in applied field epidemiology.

The ISAVET programme provides a structured on-the-job training to develop animal health capacity to prevent, detect and respond to potentially zoonotic viral threats at source, through an “In-service” training targeting field veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals in the agriculture sector identified during the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) assessment in the capacity of the public health workforce to address prevention, detection, and response to public health risks in Kenya.