Massage from the Chairman

The Department of Public Health, Pharmacoogy and Toxicology is committed to provision of quality undergraduate and prostgraduate teaching, research and consultancy services to our clients. The academic programs will be reviewed frequently to address changing needs and demands of our clients and stakeholders, and every effort will be made to develop new and relevant academic programs to address emerging demands in our relevant areas. Staff are committed to the development of relevant multidisciplinary research programs and in creation of international linkages to foster academic and research activities. Potential postgraduate students are encouraged to apply for Masters or PhD in any of the courses offered in the department. Farmers and industrialists, researchers and individuals in need of any of the listed consultancy services are also encouraged to seek such services from the Department as they are offered at reasonable fees. Let me now take this opportunity to thank all our clients , suppliers, stakeholders, scholarship donors , research collaborators, University management and staff for their unwavering support to the Department over the years and encourage you to continue to provide the same in future. Head of Department, Prof. Mbaria J. Mucunu