Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) officers visited the Department of PHPT in the month of March 2022. They had come for inspection of the Department which is accredited by PCPB to carry out Toxicological Studies on pest control products.  



Training on King Fisher RNA Extraction & Purification Machine

Recently the Department of Public Health, Pharmacology & Toxicology acquired KingFisher Purification System for DNA/RNA Extraction through Novel approaches to identify optimal antiviral probiotics for swine industry in low-income countries" project.

We are all set - Vet first years attend their first Anatomy lecture session

After the orientation exercise, all was set for learning. The first-year veterinary medicine students started off with an introduction to veterinary medicine course that serves to build their foundation into the sophisticated world of veterinary medicine.

Enclosures – A Positive Land Management Tool For Food Security Or A Driver Of Tenure Conflicts?

Pastoralists rely on livestock for their livelihood and pastoralist communities are widespread in the arid- and semiarid regions of Africa. In fact, 70 % of East Africa’s livestock population resides in Kenya. The harsh conditions of the drylands with severe droughts, erratic rainfall and land degradation make it difficult to sustain on conventional agriculture or other activities. As a consequence, food security in the drylands record the lowest indices compared to other areas in Eastern Africa.

Students attend the Emerging Scientist’s Training and Workshop 2019

Two MSc. Students in Range Management, Edwin Maingi and Sylvia Muchiri, both from the department of Land Resource Management and Technology (LARMAT), were among students who attended a 10 day emerging scientist’s workshop in Oloisukut conservancy, Narok County.