Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

New Programs MOHERE and POHERE

Master of Science in One Health and Emergency Research Ethics (MOHERE) and Postgraduate Diploma in One Health and Emergency Research Ethics (POHERE) Program.

The Master of Science in One Health and Emergency Research Ethics (MOHERE) program is an international joint initiative of the University of Nairobi, The Ohio State University and the Kenya Medical Research Institute.


Randox Food Diagnostics an associate of Randox Laboratories, Product Specialist and Regional Manager for middle East and Africa recently presented the Biochip Array Technology to PHPT staff members. The Biochip Array Technology is a competitive immunoassay-based platform that allows analysis of multiple samples of Mycotoxins and Antibiotics from different sample matrices to get results of multiple analystes per sample.   


The Dean Facullty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM), University of Nairobi, Chairman PHPT and other faculty staff members had a joint meeting with Prof Folorunso Fasina Country Team Leader Food and Agriculture Organisation-Kenya, Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseasesa (ECTAD-FAO) and his team from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO-Kenya) on Wednesday 18th January 2023.

Exchange Programme for the Faculties of Vet. Medicine-UoN & Yamaguchi University (Japan)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) University of Nairobi (Kenya) and FVM Yamaguchi University (Japan) held a joint meeting to discuss on establishment of Exchange programme for postgraduate Veterinary Students from the two universities. Professors Daisuke Hayasaka, Takishi Shimizi and Koichi Sato (from Japan); Professors J.D. Mande (Dean Faculty of Vet. Medicine), James Nguhiu Mwangi (Chairman-Clinical Studies), William Ogara, Dr. Daniel Senerwa (Ag. Chairman PHPT), FVM (UoN) staff members and Veterinary students  were in attendance. 

Dept. of PHPT Community Outreach

Department of Public Health, Pharmacology & Toxicology in Partnership with Presbyterian Church of East Africa (P.C.E.A) Kinoo Parish as part of Community Social Responsibility (CSR) activity,  organized for a one day event on May 22nd, 2022 to provide education, create awareness on Disease prevention and disseminate Public Health information.